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Smithdon High School

Student Life

Our students are our greatest assets.

As a student at Smithdon, we are here to support your educational and personal journey into the wider adult world – ensuring you are strong enough to face any challenge, with integrity and determination, and be the most excellent version of yourself.

Throughout their time at Smithdon, we support students to develop into strong and confident learners. Students gain confidence because we challenge them to be the best they can be and, when they struggle, we support them to develop resilience so that they do not give up.

Our students have a range of opportunities to develop leadership skills: from sport to the student council and through a range of co-curricular activities.

Our students also have the opportunity to explore and experience key British Values, such as through tutor group and whole school elections as well as standing for prestigious positions, including Head Students.

It is important that our students strive towards academic excellence; we want our students to compete with the very best students on a local, national, and international, platform. But it is equally important that our students strive with integrity so that their contribution to our community is a positive one.