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Smithdon High School

Visions and Values

High Standards and Clear Expectations

At Smithdon High School our expectations of staff and students are built around our values of Work Hard, Be Kind and Smile.

The Smithdon Seven

We follow the Smithdon Seven which is integral to the high standards and clear expectations that we expect from the Smithdon High School Community. These are:-

  1. We believe in ourselves and are proud of our achievements
  2. We aim high and accept challenge to achieve our ambitions
  3. We take responsibility for our choices, our actions and our environment
  4. We work together to support our community
  5. We are present, we are equipped to learn, we work hard and we always give our best
  6. We are respectful and we listen to others
  7. We take pride in the presentation of ourselves and our work

Lesson expectations

The Start of the Lesson

  • Smithdon High School teachers stand outside their classroom to greet students checking and addressing uniform issues on entry to room
  • Students stand behind chairs in silence
  • The teacher enters the room, by which time students will have the equipment out on the desk ready for the lesson
  • The teacher gives instructions for a retrieval activity and gives students permission to sit down
  • The register is taken (while the retrieval activity task takes place)

During the lesson

  • Teachers will deliver activities and give ongoing feedback on work completed
  • Students are expected to engage in the learning activities with maximum effort
  • Teachers will praise and reward effort and achievement
  • Students are expected to remain in the lesson unless they have a valid reason, such as toilet pass, a meeting or a music lesson

End of lesson

  • Students will be instructed to pack away quietly after the plenary activity two to three minutes before the end of the lesson
  • Students should stand silently behind their desks waiting to be dismissed in an orderly fashion (e.g. row by row, block by block) by the teacher

Additional Expectations


  • Students are expected to be on school site by 8.25am and in their form rooms by 8.30am
  • Students should go straight to lesson or the Hall (break/lunch) by the most direct route - but following the Shaw one-way system, including the side path if going from upstairs Shaw to downstairs Shaw (NOT via playground)


  • Students are expected to be in full, correct uniform, with shirts tucked in, at all times (unless “shirt sleeve order” has been announced by the Headteacher, meaning blazers are not required to be worn due to the heat)
  • Outdoor coats, hats, scarves, gloves, etc should be removed as soon as students enter the classroom