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Smithdon High School

Key Stage 4

At KS4 we offer GCSE Fine Art, the exam board for this is Edexcel, course code 1FA0. Pupils produce two units of coursework along with a final piece for each coursework project worth 60% of the GCSE. Pupils will then undertake an externally set assignment, the theme of which is set by the examination board each year, this project is worth 40% of the GCSE.

The units are designed to encourage an enquiring and adventurous approach to the arts, which is implemented through the holistic use of recording, investigation, experimentation and documentation.

Students need to demonstrate their understanding and knowledge of high-quality creative skills and techniques, as well as their ability to investigate and understand how aspects of past and contemporary art, from a variety of cultures, can enhance and develop their own ideas and work.

Students also extend their knowledge through experimentation and refinement of their creative ideas. The course is designed to support students of all abilities in developing their confidence with media, techniques and processes.

Students’ sketch books should contain a combination of creative work from primary and secondary sources, demonstrating visual research material and idea developments, which show evidence of connections between the students’ ideas and work from other cultures and/or artists. The sketch books should also reflect a sense of pride and individuality in students’ presentations, as well as an appreciation of artistic content.

Final pieces of work are produced to different scales and in different media to celebrate each student’s creative journey.

Internally set NEA – Fine Art

Throughout the GCSE course, students will complete two projects of Non-Exam Assessment, set internally by the Art Department.

The starting point for these projects varies from year to year, to allow for maximum diversity in idea developments and outcomes. During each project students continue to develop their prior knowledge alongside their skills and techniques, whilst investigating and developing independent ideas based around the starting theme. These developments are supported by visual and contextual links.

Students work on a one-to-one basis with their teacher, so that they are supported and guided to ensure their developments and outcomes are of the highest quality and provide appropriate evidence for the four assessment objectives.

Current starting points:

  • NEA 1st Project - Similarities and/or differences
  • NEA 2nd Project - Ordinary and/or extraordinary
  • 2nd Project – based on previous Edexcel exam titles.