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Smithdon High School

Doing our bit to spread seasonal smiles

Our Year 7 pupils took time out from their own Christmas countdown to put a smile on the face of local care home residents by creating a video of Christmas jokes, group singing and poetry reading, as well as providing gifts and cards. 

The scheme was part of the Times Educational Supplement’s nationwide #Classroomstocarehomes project.  

It was a positive project for our Year 7s, they really engaged with it and wrote some really thoughtful comments and messages. It's helped them to understand more about loneliness at this time of year, particularly this year.

During the week, a group of our students along with the school’s pastoral manager Julie Bowyer and Year 7 tutor Angus Duncan, delivered the gifts, to the delight of care home staff and residents. 

One of the homes, Somerset Villa, sent us a parcel to say how much they’d loved our messages and how much they appreciated the gifts.

They sent the children a card in return too, so I think they really get the message of how a little gesture like that can go a long way at this time of year, and how much people value it.