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Smithdon High School

Perfect fit for Smithdon students

It’s said that a healthy body equals a healthy mind, and at Smithdon High School we are working to nourish our students physically as well as mentally, with the introduction of new state-of-the-art fitness equipment.

Our newly opened fitness suite features both free weights and cardio machines, as well as providing space for other gym-based activities and workouts to take place.

“We have a range of gym equipment for our fitness suite from cardio machines such as rowing machines, cross trainers and bikes, and treadmills,” explained Jamie Tilley, Head of PE at Smithdon, which is a member of the West Norfolk Academies Trust.

“Our weights are built up with various weights and complete exercises on the weight benches. We have a section where pupils can also enjoy Boxercise, yoga and other fitness classes that you may see in a gym or leisure centre.”

Located alongside the school’s gymnasium, the fitness suite officially opened its doors after the February half-term break, with the facilities funded by the Opening Schools Facilities (OSF) programme.

A Department of Education investment initiative to implement the goals of the Government’s School Sport and Activity Action Plan, OSF helps schools to extend their existing sports facilities to better support the health, fitness and wellbeing of young people.

“OSF is about opening the school facilities to give students access to sporting activities and an opportunity to take part in physical activity,” said Mr Tilley.

“The fitness suite is available for all students and staff at Smithdon High School to use, and will be available for after-school clubs. In addition, we have incorporated it into our curriculum, so that students are able to use it in PE lessons.”

“We want to promote leading a healthy lifestyle at Smithdon, and having a fitness suite is the first step to promote this,” he continued. “Giving an opportunity to students to access fitness early in life provides them with skills they can use to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives.

“Skills such as having control, good form, and how to use the gym equipment effectively, are all useful tools to build confidence, fitness and enjoyment. Also, channelling that stress into fitness is a healthy way to unwind and improve overall health.”

Headteacher Amanda Gibbins added: “It is fantastic to be able to further develop our sporting facilities to reflect the interests of the students and the modern approach to fitness.

“Having this equipment available to us every day is already causing excitement among the students. Mr Tilley has created an amazing buzz, as well as the fitness suite itself.”