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Smithdon High School

KS3 Curriculum

KS3 Cooking and Nutrition delivery is linked to the NHS Eatwell Guide.

Subject knowledge is linked to the cooking of dishes. For example, understanding the origins of dairy products and their importance in the diet is taught alongside using dairy to make a cheese sauce.

Year 7

The focus in Year 7 is on:

  • developing basic skills
  • safe knife skills
  • the use of every part of the cooker
  • using commodities from the fruit and vegetables, and carbohydrates sections of the Eatwell Guide, because they are low risk ingredients

Year 8

The focus in Year 8 is on:

  • developing the more advanced skills of sauce-making, pastry making, bread making, setting mixtures and enrobing
  • using commodities from the protein, dairy, and fats and oils sections of the Eatwell Guide, because these commodities include high risk foods, such as meat, chicken and fish

Year 9

The focus in Year 9 is on:

  • food choice and consumer awareness
  • food preparation of British and International cuisine, and adapting recipes