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Smithdon High School

Art and Design

Take a look around you: everything you see is art: the chair you sit in has been designed; the clothes you stand in have been made; the transport you travel by has been constructed… This is why we believe art is important and are delighted to offer you a well-structured  curriculum that sees a wide range of skills being used and developed in a spiral curriculum, where each topic is studied in more depth throughout your years at Smithdon.

Welcome to Smithdon High School’s Art and Design department.

The department is made up of a team of creative, dedicated and inspiring artists, who are passionate about sharing that creativity and encouraging students to explore their own innovative creations.

Miss Phelps  Miss Ruskin
Head of Department Teacher of Art 


Art is created in a range of careers – from fashion designers to builders to fine artists – but more than that: art is seen by everyone everywhere, every day. We are able to communicate with others through the use of drawing from a very early age and continue to use pictures and graphics to portray messages as life evolves.


Art Curriculum

The curriculum at Smithdon aims to provide a level of independence when it comes to art, through the development of visual communication. We try to ensure each student is an individual, who creates original pieces of work. This is done through a range of differentiated activities that involve responding to the work of artists, employing techniques and elements of their work in students’ own work.

From Key Stage 3, students discover a wide range of techniques and media used by artists and, through into Key Stage 4, they enhance and build upon these learnt skills to create purposeful outcomes. Throughout their journey, students make independent decisions about their work, discover their own working style, and deliver refined pieces from a range of experimentations.

Study art…become independent…become you!