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A Day At Smithdon High School


First stop – your Form Tutor and registration. Quite an early start, but all the better for your learning. Depending on the day, Tutor time will be spent in an assembly, engaging in Personal Development activities or dealing with form business. On a regular basis you should find yourself involved in discussing, as a group, issues which you may wish your Form Representative to raise with the School Council. You may even be that representative or a year group representative on the Council!

Five, one hour lessons provide the structure for your daily learning, with two before morning break – an opportunity to get a breath of fresh air or buy a snack from the school canteen. Two more lessons and then it’s lunch.


Years 10 and 11 have priority at the start of lunchtime with other years taking it in turns to then go in to lunch, thus avoiding a crush! There is a wide choice of freshly prepared food available – something to suit most tastes.

Make sure you take the opportunity to get involved in lunchtime clubs, particularly in sport and music, or if you prefer quieter pursuits use the library for research.

The large open spaces of the playgrounds and the playing fields provide plenty of room for a variety of ball games and many students get involved in informal football and cricket matches.


With the bulk of your lessons in the morning, the afternoon may seem quite short: one more lesson and then it's home time, unless you’re staying behind for clubs in sport, music, art or help sessions for GCSE work in a number of subjects.

At the end of the day students who travel in by bus all assemble on one of the playgrounds, waiting to be called, so that all can board their buses calmly and safely.

By the end of the day, apart from actively involving yourself in lessons, and it is important that you do, you may have gone along to a sports practice – reliable sports team members are valued – or a music practice. If you are a budding musician, you may have been able to take advantage of a lesson in one of a range of instruments. You may even find yourself boarding a coach to play a match against another school or to take part in an athletics meeting. Above all, look out for opportunities to get involved: read notice boards, particularly look at the information screens. Get involved, be committed – get the most out of your day!