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Parents and Students

Here is all the information you will need to help you with daily school life.

Our third version of the Parents Handbook has been produced to help you understand the school your child attends as well as providing you with some guidance should a problem arise.

Parent handbook:
» Parent Handbook

Connect to:
» G-Mail
» www.u-explore.com
» www.parentchannel.tv
» www.parentview.ofsted.gov.uk

DfE Performance tables - http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/performance/index.html

Guidance on our automatic system to inform you that your child is absent:
» Automated absence alert system

Click here to view Smithdon Cluster Attendance Information

Click here to view letter to parents regarding Attendance at School and Legal Intervention

Term-time holiday

Latest Government guidelines state that Headteachers have the discretion to grant leave but only in exceptional circumstances.  This leave will not be granted for the purposes of a family holiday.  Following these guidelines, and discussion at Cluster Heads, our attendance policy has been updated to reflect this decision.

Requests for authorised absence should now be made on the following form:  Leave of Absence Form.  These requests will be discussed at Cluster Heads' meeting to ensure consistency throughout the schools.

Any leave for holidays will unfortunately now not be recorded as authorised.

Parents should also be aware that Government guidelines say that:
'Parents can be fined for taking their child on holiday during term time without consent from the school'  Department for Education July 2013

Holidays in term time can seriously impact on your child's education and we actively discourage you from taking your child out of school.

Click to view Advice for Parents on managing Head Lice
For further information on head lice see your pharmacist or visit www.onceaweektakeapeek.com.

Data Protection Act 1988
» Privacy Notice January 2013

Obtaining School Uniform
Please click on the link below to visit our online shop in order to purchase uniform.


Any queries regarding uniform orders please contact the Main School Office.

West Norfolk and King's Lynn Girls' Schools Trust
The aim of the trust is to help girls over the age of 11 further their education and training.  Financial Assistance can be awarded for a range of purposes.  Visit http://www.wnklgirlsschoolstrust.org.uk for more information.