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Management Structure and Personnel

Management Structure

Smithdon High School is part of Norfolk County Council’s educational provision and is funded by the County Council, the Education Funding Agency as well as by direct grants from the Department for Education.


» Senior Leadership Team
» Pastoral Team
Curriculum Teams
» Cover Supervisors
» Work Related Learning
Administration Team
» Pastoral Support
» Data Administration
» ICT Support Team
» Site Team
» Catering Team

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs L Holland Acting Headteacher
Mr M Starling Assistant Headteacher (Personnel/Resources)
Mrs S Dixon Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)

Pastoral Team

Mrs S Dixon  Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)
Miss H Tooze  Head of Year 7
Miss L Heath  Head of Year 8
Miss A Moat  Head of Year 9
Miss S Fairweather  Head of Year 10 
Dr M Outten  Head of Year 11
Mr S Chapman  Head of Year 12 and 13

Curriculum Teams

Miss A Wright   Head of Department
Mrs J France
Mr A McIlwee
Mrs L Marks
Mr T Moon
Mrs C Payne
Mrs V Proctor i/c Drama
Mr H Radday i/c French
Mr J Somers  

Curriculum Learning Support/Inclusion
Ms R Bazeley-Smith   Head of Department
Miss Z Bareford   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs V Bray   Learning Support Assistant
Miss L Drewery  Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Godfrey  Learning Support Assistant
Miss T McElroy   Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Rudland  Learning Support Assistant

Mrs R Bazeley-Smith   
Mrs L Barnham i/c Health and Social Care
Mr S Chapman Head of Geography
Miss A Moat
Mr M Starling
Miss H Wright   Head of History and Sociology
Mr A Leith
Mrs S Warnes
Mrs E Fysh i/c Religious Education

Information Communication Technology
Mr P Dixon   Joint in Charge of Department
Miss S Fairweather  Joint in Charge of Department

Mr A Skipper   Head of Department
Mrs S Evans   Second in Department
Mr D France
Mr D Freeman
Miss H Johnson
Mr L Mann
Mrs J Smith   HLTA

Mr M Sexton  Head of Department
Physical Education
Mr M Barrett   Head of Department
Mrs L Barnham
Mrs E Hernandez
Miss L Heath
Mr R Manington

Mrs S Robinson   Head of Department
Mrs R Charlton-Trewick   
Dr M Outten
Miss A Petch
Mrs C Pike
Miss V Soper
Mrs T Clarke  Science Technician
Miss M Butters Assistant Science Technician

Mr M Birks   Head of Department
Mrs S Dixon
Miss N Price
Mr S Rippon
Mrs J Stewart
Mrs J Barnes  DT/Art Technician
Mr V Lenney  Design & Technology Technician

Miss N Price i/c
Miss H Tooze

Cover Supervisors

Miss J Howell
Mrs K Drage

Administration Team

Ms M Lake   Administrative Officer (Head of Department)   
Mrs R Birkin   Examinations and Finance Officer
Miss S Green   Pastoral Administrator
Mrs J Jackson   Finance and Sixth Form Administrator
Mrs N Wilson   Receptionist
Mrs L Taylor   Administrative Assistant

Pastoral Support

Mrs D Perkins   Internal Exclusion Unit Supervisor
Mr M Miles  Isolation Room Supervisor


Mrs M Taylor   Librarian

Data Administration

Mrs C Broughton   Data Administrator

ICT Support Team

Mr S Fox    ICT System Manager (Head of Department)
Mr R Stockdale   ICT Technician

Site Team

Mr B Rudd   Site Manager (Head of Department)
Mr R Smith   Premises Officer
Mr N Blake   Cleaner
Mr R Caley   Cleaner
Mrs G Fendick   Senior Cleaner 
Mr L Noakes   Site Assistant/Cleaner
Mrs J Smith   Cleaner
Mrs J Rudd   Cleaner

Catering Team

Mrs M Horspole   Cook/Manager (Head of Department)
Mrs C Marsh   Assistant Cook 
Mrs K Blake  Catering Assistant
Mrs N Childs   Catering Assistant
Mrs T Fellowes   Catering Assistant
Mrs G King   Catering Assistant
Miss J Mallows   Catering Assistant
Mrs D Nash   Catering Assistant

The Governing Body has responsibility for the school and it is their role to ensure that a wide range of policies are in place and statutory requirements are met. Together with the Senior Leadership Team of the school the Governors monitor the progress and development of the school as well as determining its strategic development.

The school is led by the Acting Headteacher, Mrs L Holland and the rest of the Senior Leadership Team. The Leadership Structure also includes Heads of Department and Heads of Year. These groups meet regularly and make a substantial contribution to the ongoing development of the school.